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Laboratorijsko Napajanje

0 – 30V, 150W

Laboratorijski izvor napajanja visokih performansi sa jednim DC izlazom.

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Kod Proizvoda: SPS0001

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General technical specification for val_pn adjustable power supply
Main Features
1. Thicker steel chassis, beautiful and durable. Handle design for easy handling.
2. To be more precise the values of the voltage and current, it was deigned coarse and fine adjustment.
3. It can be automatic conversion with Constant voltage and constant current, so it not only can be used as constant voltage power supply but also can be used as constant current power supply.
4. Protection: overvoltage protection (OVP), over current protection (OCP), over temperature protection (OTP).
5. Reasonable Circuit designed, the key components are imported, can be used for 24-hour full load working.
6. PWM switching pre-regulator, MOS linear adjustment mode, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.
7. Intelligent fan controlled by temperature.
1. Industrial products aging testing for DC motors, DC fans, car DVD, car audio, resistors, capacitors, etc.
2. Perfect applied to charge the batteries, it can provide constant current charging, then constant trickle charging with constant voltage, prevent overcharge, battery protection, effectively extending the battery life.
3. Inverter Industry: It overcome the problem of linear power relay stuck conversion, fast response speed, to meet the instantaneous change in the load requirements.
4. LED test and aging.
5. Others.
Voltage InputAC 220V 50Hz
Voltage Outputval_1
Current Outputval_2
ResolutionVoltage 0.1V
Current 0.1A
Accuracy+/-1%+/-1 word
Voltage Stability≤0.05% +1mV
Current Stability≤0.1% +10mA
Load StabilityCV ≤0.1% +1mV CC ≤0.1% +10mA
Ripple and NoiseCV ≤10mV(RMS) CC ≤20mA(RMS)
Cooling MethodIntelligent fan controlled by temperature
Working Environment-10 - 40°C Relative humidity <80%
Storage Environment-20 - 80 °c Relative humidity <80%

Opšte Karakteristike

Ulazni Napon220VAC, 50Hz
Izlazni Napon0 – 30V
Nazivna Snaga150W
Izlazna Struja0 – 5A
Dimenzije (V x Š x D)190mm x 170mm x 350mm
CSV PodaciDC 0-30V adjustable,DC 0-5A adjustable#

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